Breast Cancer Patient Nedra Bonds Shares Her Inspiring Story During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A cancer diagnosis was never part of Nedra’s plan. But then again, the Kansas City artist, educator and community activist is pretty good at improvising.

When she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer – a less common and more aggressive form of breast cancer – her reaction of a simple “OK” left her physician speechless.  

“I was uniquely calm. These twists and turns, they are all part of the journey,” Nedra said. “I could have cried and screamed and thrown myself on the floor, but it would not have changed anything, and I would have been behind in my planning.”

Nedra’s unexpected journey led her to The University of Kansas Cancer Center, where she participated in the region’s only clinical trial studying a treatment for her type of cancer. Read Nedra’s complete story.

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