About the Board

The Johnson County Education Research Triangle Authority is a unique partnership among Johnson County, KS, the University of Kansas and Kansas State University to create economic stimulus and a higher quality of life in the county.

While the Kansas Board of Regents maintains constitutional authority over the universities, a seven-member board, composed of elected officials from Johnson County, KS, has been appointed to ensure that the use of public funds complies with state and local law. The board oversees funding, conducts annual independent audits and produces year-end reports. Each member is appointed to a four-year term, and each member may serve two terms.

Board Members:

Peggy Dunn

Peggy Dunn
Mayor of Leawood

Dunn was appointed by the University of Kansas.

janee hanzlick

Jeff Meyers
Johnson County Commissioner, Second District

Meyers was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Greg Musil

Greg Musil
Johnson County Community College, Trustee

Musil was appointed by the Board of Johnson County Community College.

Jan Kessinger

Brandon Woodard
Kansas State Representative 

Woodard was appointed by the Kansas Governor's office.

barbara bollier

Michael Boehm
Mayor of Lenexa

Boehm was appointed by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Kevin Honomichl
DeSoto City Council, Member

Honomichl was appointed by Kansas State University.

Dinah Sykes

Dinah Sykes
Kansas State Senator

Sykes was appointed by the University of Kansas