KUEC Sees Continued Enrollment Growth in JCERT Programs

Rising enrollment in JCERT-funded programs is helping KU Edwards Campus (KUEC) meet the Kansas City area’s growing demand for trained professionals.

JCERT’s financial investment helps support a dozen KUEC degree and certificate programs. Those programs accounted for nearly 28 percent of the total credit hours generated on campus for fall 2017. Students working to attain a Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Analytics led the growth, with 56 students enrolled in the program – up from 31 in fall 2016.

“We know Kansas City needs more highly educated professionals and STEM-qualified workers to help the region stay competitive,” said David Cook, Ph.D., vice chancellor of KU Edwards Campus. “Our growing enrollment in these programs demonstrates KUEC’s commitment to meeting those needs, as well as the strength of our partnership with Johnson County.”

Other programs with significant growth included the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, which saw enrollment triple, as well as the Bachelor of Applied Science Biotechnology, which quadrupled in enrolled students. The Bachelor of Business Administration remained the biggest JCERT program at KUEC, with 77 students taking 792 credit hours in fall 2017, up from 71 students taking 645 credit hours a year earlier.

KU Edwards Campus looks forward to continued growth in JCERT programs with at least 12 new students expected for the spring 2018 semester.