KU Clinical Research Center

The northeastern point of the triangle is The University of Kansas Clinical Research Center in Fairway, which opened January 2012. The initiative helped renovate an existing structure into a 82,400-square-foot facility providing space for easily accessible outpatient exam and treatment areas, laboratories for specimen collections, office space for doctors, nurses and scientific support staff, and a large conference pavilion for university and community gatherings.

Designed unlike any other in the country, the facility will house:

The Clinical Research Center will be a major part of KU Cancer Center, which received National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation in 2012. The designation will help increase funding for research, bring economic benefits and jobs to the county, and provide the most advanced cancer care for patients.

The goals of the Phase I Oncology clinical trials program are to develop effective and less-toxic therapies for treating cancer; to be the gateway for studying innovative new drugs from industry and the NCI; and to translate drugs designed and developed by university researchers quickly into clinical trials for patients. A physician oncologist with specialized training in clinical pharmacology oversees the program and works closely with a dedicated drug development team.

Also housed in the facility are administrative offices for the MCA, a member-based organization of cancer researchers, care providers and support professionals throughout Kansas and western Missouri who were partners in the cancer center's quest for NCI designation. The MCA's goals are to enhance cancer care across the region through research; to keep patients close to home during treatment; and to promote access to leading-edge diagnostics, care, prevention and survivorship strategies.

The vision of Frontiers is to improve the health of Kansans by creating a novel research enterprise that will take drugs from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside and then to the commercial market quicker using clinical trials networks across all areas of therapeutic research. All entities conducting research in the facility are supported by shared resources to meet contractual, legal, biostatistical and other scientific needs.

The KU ADC is another major stakeholder in the facility. The mission of KU ADC is to promote healthy brain aging and strategies to prevent Alzheimer's disease. In August 2011, the KU ADC received designation as a National Alzheimer's Disease Center and joined a network of 32 major medical centers of excellence that receive collaborative and financial support from the National Institute on Aging.

More information about the KU Clinical Research Center is available at http://www.kumc.edu/crc/clinical-research-center.html.