K-State Olathe

An instructor standing at the head of a table.

K-State Olathe recently launched “Leadership Program for STEM Professionals”, a workshop series teaching core personnel management competencies such as self-development, building teams and achieving results.

America’s workforce is rapidly changing. In 2021, nearly 48 million workers quit their jobs. On average, four million workers have quit their jobs each month in 2022. This massive labor turnover has been dubbed the “Great Resignation”.

Kansas State University Olathe Campus

Over the past three years, JCERT-funded programs at KU Edwards Campus and K-State Olathe have grown by 105%, running counter to enrollment declines occurring in higher education. 

Demand for JCERT-funded programs is on the rise at K-State Olathe and the KU Edwards Campus despite challenges in higher education because both universities continue to provide educational offerings to meet career opportunities.

Jana Meyers

Jana Meyers credits her M.S. in Adult Learning and Leadership from K-State Olathe with taking her understanding of corporate learning programs to
a whole new level.

Jana Meyers has a talent for identifying potential in every individual and a passion for growing leaders and growing as a leader herself. This desire to continually improve and help others improve explains why she enrolled in the Adult Learning and Leadership master’s degree program at K-State Olathe, even though she already had one master’s degree and significant training and leadership experience. 

women sitting at computer coding.

K-State Olathe is offering four Digital Skills Bootcamps as alternative learning pathways for local professionals to access future-focused education for a tech-driven business world.

Digital Skills Bootcamps at K-State Olathe are helping local professionals quickly transition to in-demand tech careers, while addressing the demand for thousands of unfilled jobs in Greater Kansas City.

Can I afford college?

College degrees provide long-term value and are made more affordable through accelerated degree programs, in-state tuition rates for non-Kansas residents and financial aid.

It’s no secret. Earning a college degree can be expensive. That’s why JCERT’s higher education partners – the KU Edwards Campus and K-State Olathe – provide options that make college affordable and offer degrees that provide a return on those investments.

Latino graduates

The Latino community is rapidly growing in both Johnson County and the United States. As a result, higher education institutions are increasing their opportunities and outreach to Latino communities.

Increasing the number of Latino students in Greater Kansas City's community, state and private colleges has become a key focus for K-State Olathe.

Elly Richardson presents his honors program research to KU Edwards Campus staff. His JCERT scholarship enabled him to support his heavy credit load in the information technology program.

Despite their storied rivalry, when it comes to educating the area’s workforce, Kansas State University-Olathe and the University of Kansas Edwards Campus (KUEC) are on the same team. 

STEM summer camp

The K-12 outreach programs at K-State Olathe include STEM summer camps for area middle school students.  

Recently, 100 Johnson County middle school students participated in a K-State Olathe virtual summer camp designed to teach them advanced scientific concepts and introduce STEM-related careers.